About Us

Sanap Agroanimals Pvt. Ltd. is a company with limited liability incorporated under Indian Companies Act in February 1998. The Company is a fully family owned enterprise of the Sanap Family.

The Company is born out of passion on the part of Mr. Shivaji Sanap to make a mark for himself in what was at the relevant time a sunrise industry in which India seemingly had natural advantages. Mr. Sanap’s passion was aided by the convictions about the potential of India based Agro Export operations on the part of Mr. Jayant Sanap, a qualified Legal Advisor, who has build the top management team Sanap Agroanimals Pvt. Ltd. in its early stages. Mr. Shivaji Sanap , Managing Director of the Company provided the much-needed morale strength to the newborn.

Right from the word go, the accent of Sanap Agroanimals Pvt. Ltd. was on setting up globally comparable infrastructure and processes. The post harvest facility is based at Adgaon in Nasik District in the heart of grape capital of India, about 160 kilometers from Bombay. The facility is the post harvest management unit with large pack house, one pre-cooling chamber and one cold storage.

Sanap Agroanimals Pvt. Ltd. promoter’s approach is to re-deploy all internal accruals in the Company, year after year. The company is totally debt free toady with the record of pre-paying all its debt commitments ahead of the sanctioned period. The Company has no associate / group concerns etc.

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